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5 Keys to Better Massage with CBD

5 Keys to Better Massage With CBD

CBD oil has a wealth of wellness and health benefits when it comes to having a massage. A

CBD massage with one of the many topicals this product comes in will target your body's

specific areas that require attention to provide you relief from pain.

When you receive a CBD massage with one of the many topicals, such as Dr. Shuyun's Ancient

Ylang Ylang Ginger Oil, you enjoy the stimulating effects of the massage and find relief from

pain. The reason for this incredible benefit is how the CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid


How You Benefit From a CBD Massage

Your body naturally develops cannabinoids, and these will interact with CBD oils during a

massage. Your endocannabinoid systems have two types of cannabinoid receptors; the CB1

and the CB2. The CB1 receptors are generally located in your brain, while the CB2 receptors

are found throughout your body.

CBD has an indirect effect on both receptors without giving you the 'high' THC does when it

binds with CB1 receptors. Not binding to the receptors is how CBD does not cause

mind-altering effects but provides a wealth of benefits. When having a CBD massage, the oil will

interact with our natural endocannabinoid system to give you a number of beneficial effects.

These are five of those benefits:

1. CBD Massage for Chronic Pain

There are a number of reasons people suffer from chronic pain. This pain can be caused by an

injury, be the result of a medical disorder, or any other medical situation. The pain can be

overwhelming, but by adding CBD oils to your massage, you can find relief. The ingredients in

Dr. Shuyun's Ancient Ylang Ylang and Ginger Oil have natural herbs and broad-spectrum hemp,

which can reduce inflammation, swelling, and relieve pain.

2. CBD Massage to Reduce or Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

For centuries the benefits of a good massage have been known to reduce stress. When you

add a CBD oil to the massage, you help your mind relax even more and alleviate your anxiety

and stress levels. CBD oils have a potent anti-anxiety property and can induce relaxing, calming

effects without giving you the 'high' products that contain THC will cause.

3. CBD Massage Will Reduce Inflammation

Acute pain can be linked to inflammation, especially in your muscles and joints. When you have

a CBD massage by applying topicals to the affected areas, the CBD's natural anti-inflammatory

effects will reduce the inflammation and provide you relief from the discomfort you are

experiencing from sore muscles.

The CBD has a significant impact on your CB2 receptors, which affect your immune system.

Your body's immune response to an outside threat is inflammation. The CBD's ability to target

these receptors is what will effectively reduce your inflammation and, therefore, eliminate your


4. CBD Massage Will Help Improve Skin Health

During a CBD massage, where the oil is applied directly to your skin, it will promote skin health.

CBD's interaction with your endocannabinoid receptors reduces inflammation, which is often the

cause of acne. CBD oils can reduce your skin blemishes and help to regulate oil production on

your skin to eliminate breakouts.

5. CBD Massage Provides Treatment for Numerous Disorders

If you receive the proper CBD massage, it can treat a number of disorders, such as panic

disorder, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and several other phobias. Having a CBD

massage is a more tolerated form of treatment than most traditional pharmaceutical


Using Dr. Shuyun's Ancient Ylang Ylang Ginger Massage oil during your next CBD massage will

relax your muscles and reduce your stress levels and help soothe painful joints and muscles.

Use this essential oil with broad-spectrum hemp and other natural ingredients to enhance your

everyday life quality.

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