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5 Reasons Why Magnetic Neck Brace Is Good For Neck Pain

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

A sedentary lifestyle and long-hour professional job create neck pain and other physical problems. Different natural treatments can reduce neck pain and improves healing.

A magnetic neck brace is a good solution for the people, especially for professionals who suffer from severe neck pain caused by injury, accidents, or muscle tension. In surgery, a magnetic neck brace is used for early recovery and safety from further injury. The magnetic neck brace is being used since ancient Egypt civilization.

In this article I will share some benefits of using magnetic neck brace and how they can alleviate neck pain.

Here’s the summary: A magnetic neck brace is a natural treatment to reduce neck pain, improving healing, and blood circulation. It does the job by using nano-functional ceramic powder and special thermal induction materials Composite. But, be sure to consult with a doctor if your condition doesn’t improve with 2 weeks of usage.

What are the causes of neck pain?

Neck pain can occur for different reasons. The most common reasons are-


Any accidents or falls can force the neck to move beyond its normal range. And it can cause serious suffering for a long time. Neck pain can occur from-

  • Car accidents

  • Falls

  • Contact sports

  • Whiplash


Meningitis is the inflammation of a thin tissue that covers the brain and spinal cord. If you have meningitis, you may face fever, headache, and neck pain.

Muscle tension

Sometimes muscle tension may cause neck pain. It mainly occurs because of working behaviors.

  • Working for long hours at a desk or computer in the same position

  • Sleeping in an uncomfortable position

  • During exercise shaking neck extremely

Heart attack

Medical science sometimes says neck pain may arise from a heart attack. If you face other heart attack symptoms with neck pain, you should go to a hospital without delay.

These are the main causes of neck pain. Neck pain can occur from some other reasons like tumors or any other physical abnormalities.

Benefits of Using Magnetic Neck Brace

Natural treatment of neck pain or stiffness is good because it has no side effects like other medicine-based treatments. You can use magnetic or thermal therapy to reduce neck pain.

So, How Magnetic Neck Brace Can Reduce Neck Pain?

Here is a list of benefits you can get from a magnetic neck brace-

1. Reduces pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis

2. Improves healing

3. Alleviate Pain from Post-Polio Syndrome & Fibromyalgia

4. Improves blood circulation

5. Treats Cervical Radiculopathy

Let’s dig deep,

Reduces pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a long-lasting and inflammable disease. It causes severe pain in different joints of our body and neck. Medical science says RA's pain can be kept in a controllable stage by following some instructions like heat packs.

Magnetic neck brace can reduce our severe neck pain because it is made up of some thermal elements which can produce natural heat.

Improves healing

Patients sometimes suffer from serious pain after surgery. Moving the neck immediately after plastic surgery is very much challenging.

Research shows that, after plastic surgery, using a magnetic neck brace can relieve the pain earlier and improve the patient's healing.

Alleviate Pain from Post-Polio Syndrome & Fibromyalgia

Following the initial polio treatment, a patient may face problems like weakness, neck pain or pain in other joints, fatigue, and any functional loss. It occurs if the polio is paralytic in nature.

Magnetic therapy can improve the muscles of the painful joints of the patient. Magnetic neck braces offer magnetic therapy to some extents which can be a good solution for neck pain.

Another disease that causes neck pain is fibromyalgia. Sometimes, this disease causes severe pain in the neck and other joints of the body with fatigue and sleep. A study in 1999 shows that this pain can be reduced to some extent by magnetic or thermal treatment.

A magnetic neck brace can be a way of thermal treatment that reduces pain and improves sleep.

Improves blood circulation

Proper blood circulation in our body is a must for being healthy and hearty. Sometimes injuries or diseases hamper the blood circulation process. Physical exercise and thermal treatment help to improve blood circulation.

Neck pain is sometimes caused by inhibited blood circulation. It creates other physical problems too. A science magazine shows that magnetic therapy improves blood circulation in the body's injured place or joints. Thus for neck pain, a magnetic neck brace can be a good natural treatment.

Treats Cervical Radiculopathy

Cervical radiculopathy creates pain in the neck and further moves to the arm. Neck movements or turning head increase this pain. Thermal treatment can be a natural treatment for reducing this problem.

But, not all magnetic neck braces are made the same. You may find many neck braces here and there, claiming they offer the very best at a much lower price, which is not true at all.

If you wish to enjoy these benefits in a magnetic neck brace, you have to look for a good magnetic neck brace. Here is our very best Infrared Health Care Neck Pad Self Heating Neck Wrap, in which you can get all the benefits mentioned above. This magnetic neck brace also uses nano-functional ceramic powder and special thermal induction materials composite so that the far infrared anion penetrates deep into the skin and promotes blood under the increase of thermal energy.

Check our Infrared Health Care Neck Pad Self Heating Neck Wrap now and enjoy a neck-pain free life.

How to use a neck brace for the best result?

If you are recovering from neck surgery, your doctor provides you with instructions to use a neck brace. In general, you can use a neck brace as follow-

  • Set your neck brace so that your head and chin remain static.

  • Keep your hair outside of the neck brace.

  • Make sure that the lower edge of your neck brace is soft enough so that you don't feel irritated.

  • Always keep your neck brace neat and clean so that no other infection happens.

Other tips for treating neck pain at home

You can follow some other tips to reduce neck pain naturally at your home. What are those? Let's see-

  • Apply Ice

  • Light exercise of neck

  • Practice good posture

  • Use neck pillow

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions frequently arise. Like-

How long do neck pains last?

There is no concrete answer to this question. Generally, neck pain is recovered within 2 weeks. It may take 4 to 6 weeks for severe pain. If you use a good neck brace, like magnetic neck brace, the recovery process might be quicker.

What happens if neck pain is left untreated?

Neck pain from a minor injury can be cured by taking rest. But it may not be cured by taking rest if it is caused by a major injury like a car accident, then leaving neck pain untreated may cause further problems. For example, - muscles may damage severely, inhibit blood circulation, and cause tumors.

When should I visit a doctor for neck pain?

You have to go to the doctor if you get neck pain from a major injury like car accidents or falls. If it is not the case, you can follow normal physical therapy like wearing a magnetic neck brace or exercise and can wait for 1 or 2 weeks. And if within that time, pain is not cured, then you need to go for a doctor.

If you have neck pain with some other heart attack symptoms, you must go to a hospital immediately.

Here, all the things discussed above are important for those who are suffering from neck pain and searching for ways to reduce pain. If you have any questions regarding neck pain or our Infrared Health Care Neck Pad Self Heating Neck Wrap please feel free to comment below. We will be happy to help you. Share this article with your friends and family so that they can benefit too.

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